Jennafer Blouse  |  June 2017

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Get Your Summer Road Trip On


School is out and families are packing their cars to kick off the summer season with some adventure and relaxation. Friends who have graduated are coming together one last time before preparing to go to college or starting their dream job. Instead of catching a flight to an awesome resort in Hawaii (which by the way is on my bucket list when I make it big) Many will pack the beaches to get their tan on and soak up the gorgeous first glimpse of summer. 

A Road trip to the beach is the perfect cure to destress after long days being stuck inside.

A few of my closest friends and I took an adventure and drove 7 hours to the Outer Banks to celebrate our accomplishments as graduates and prepare ourselves for future employment.

The funny thing about the Outer Banks is that the weather is much like Florida. It may rain during the night and early morning but by afternoon is it gorgeous and you won’t want to leave!

I stayed in the town of Avon which is between towns of Salvo and Cape Hatteras. Avon is a small town but is known for the Avon fishing Pier, charming local stores, and restaurants. My favorite place to eat is Bro’s Sandwich Shack. When I think of summer, I think of burgers and fries, they have it all. 

In the evenings, the only bar in town is High Moon Bar. It is a charming bar and lounge with different events happening every night. Tuesday was lady’s night so; you know we didn’t want to miss out.

Most nights Ice-cream was the cure to our burnt and non-beach bodies. Cups and Cones Ice Cream Shop had every flavor you can think of and also served Italian ice for those daily-free people like me, but I cheat sometimes. 

Every day we managed to do something different and fun. Of course, the day we wanted to go to the Dunes it rained. But luckily a few of our fellow classmates were in Kitty Hawk, another town in the Outer Banks, where we met up and had dinner together.

If you make the trip to the Outer Banks, you have to go to the Dunes. It is one of the many attractions that OBX is known for and you will see the most beautiful sunset reflecting off the water. Sunsets are one of my favorite parts of each day. Most evenings, my friends and I drove to Canadian Hole Lookout, which is located in Avon. The sunsets light up in colors of orange and red over the sound side of the island. Nothing beats a summer sunset, am I right?

Additional attractions that are worth the drive when in the Outer Banks are Cape Hatteras Light Station and Ocracoke. The best way to get to Ocracoke is by Ferry. I was in awe when I drove my car right onto the Ferry and it dropped us off in Ocracoke in about 40 minutes. Ocracoke has a nice quiet beach, several shops, and more ice cream.

If relaxation is your goal, I would recommend a road trip to the Outer Banks to anyone. On non-holidays it is so peaceful and there is so many things you can do and go see. Think about it!

And “Untapp Your Travel.”