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brittany gross


I have always had a passion for something new that involved the unknown. I’m Brittany and I grew up as an avid traveler along this journey to discover what life has to offer. Growing up I was always involved with multiple sports that have pushed me to be a big
competitor. Softball and soccer were the two main sports I really enjoyed playing. I took the next step when I graduated high school and signed a scholarship Division II collegiate softball. I have made lifelong friends throughout my career from all over the world. I received my biology degree from Lynn University, which then led me to get my nursing degree from the University of Miami. I am currently working as a travel nurse. I have been offered an amazing opportunity to travel with my boyfriend Andy across the country visiting new destinations and saving lives at the same time! Loving it!

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andy mee


What’s up fellow travelers!? My name is Andy Mee. I’m a Florida native with a passion for the ocean and anything outdoors. I grew up playing baseball with a dream to one day make it to the majors. That dream was cut short at the age of 24 with season ending elbow surgery. I had a tough decision on my plate: rehab and keep playing or figure out the next chapter in my life. I went with my second choice and not once am I regretting that decision. I almost found more peace once I hung up my glove. I fell in love with a beautiful girl who has inspired me to get outside my comfort zone. Brittany and I have been together for three amazing years. Our days together ( and our dog Cali) consist of planning the next adventure. We hope to inspire, encourage, and reach out to othera with the same passion. 

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melissa mroz


I am an explorer, an artist and scientist, a student of life and seeker of universal understanding. My name is Melissa, those that know me best call me Lis. By profession I am a recreation therapist, yoga teacher and am earning my masters of science in yoga therapy. Nature is my greatest teacher and where I connect with Source. Acquiring a brain injury and thriving through it has inspired me to share the energy of empowerment through fun practices such as recreational pursuits and yoga while entwining a functional education about the sciences! My area of expertise is neuroscience but my insatiable curiosity about life reaches far and wide. This life is meant to be enjoyed and we are infinite in our abilities to create the life we dream! I share what I have come to understand so that we see the light in ourselves and in each other, so that we embrace our unique abilities and shine brightly in this life! At the end of the day, my sight is set on contributing to cultivating a worldwide community that flows altruistically and with great love. All we need is within us, but we all need one another’s support to make magic happen!